Piano Major trains bachelors of music majoring in Piano who has a solid theoretical knowledge of music, is able to use the piano fluently and can perform in concerts or all professional performances.


Piano major not only provides technical training in using the piano, but also creates opportunities for students to learn experience and professional knowledge from good pianists in the country. With good facilities and professional teaching staff, students will promote their individuality and creativity.

Program code




Bachelor of Music in Piano

Training period

4 years

Subject Combinations

(Gifted subject is doubled)  

N00: Literature – Gifted 1 – Gifted 2 

Excellent features of the training program

Encourage creativity

Students learn many different types of music. From their experience, students will know what their forte is and promote their creativity with that music.

Experience reality

In addition to theory, students also have practical experiences such as concerts with bands, accompaniment for students of Vocal Major, and pedagogical internships at musical schools, and institutions
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Convey the “language of the heart”

Students graduate from the program by completing their work and expressing their own personalities.

Program learning outcomes

The Bachelor of Piano program will train students with practical-oriented piano expertise.
Study Program

The Bachelor of Piano training program is conducted over 4 years (each year has 3 semesters):


Semester 1

  • Marxist-Leninist Philosophy
  • Basic music reading 1
  • Piano 1
  • Sight-reading 1
  • English 1
  • Information technology
  • National Defense Education 1 

Semester 2 

  • National Defense Education 2
  • Marxist-Leninist political economy
  • English 2
  • Physical education 1
  • Piano 2
  • Basic music reading 2
  • Soft skills 1: University study skills
  • Soft skills 2: Communication skills
  • Soft skills 3: Teamwork and presentation skills 
  • Semester 3 
    National Defense Education 3
    National Defense Education 4
    Soft skills 4: Career skills
    Scientific socialism
    English 3 
    Intermediate Music reading 1
    Sight-reading 2
    Harmony 1

Our learning, teaching, and evaluating methods 

Career Prospects

Graduates of the Piano major not only become a pianist, but can also take on many positions such as:

Professional performer (independent or in art troupes, theatres).
Music lecturers in Conservatories, Academies, Universities, Colleges, High Schools… 
Culture and art managers of centers, provincial cultural and art departments, and institutions; music program editor of music shows.
Besides, students also have the opportunity to study abroad, study exchange, perform at home and abroad.
Music teaches us rhythm, harmony of sounds and patience as well.
Music teaches us rhythm, harmony of sounds and patience as well.

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