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Tác Giả
TS. Nguyễn Trang Thảo
Chia sẻ qua
General Information
FieldArtificial Intelligence
Duration06 months (01/12/2022-30/04/2023)
KeywordsForecast                 Rubber future prices
ObjectivesTo forecast the exact price of rubber future contracts on three international exchanges
ContentsA future contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller for a transaction to take place in the future at a predetermined price. Currently, there are about 34 rubber futures tickers traded, with 10-12 rubber futures tickers traded on each exchange according to month-to-month expiration. Analyzing and forecasting the trends of these futures contracts can help businesses be more proactive in business planning, inventory management and product cost reduction through efficient operation. Fruit.
Expected OutputsTo propose 04 accurate price forecasting models for 34 futures contracts at 3 exchanges in 01 week, 01 month and 6 months, and to set up summary reports on pdf files based on forecast results.
Sponsored byORO Production Trading Co., Ltd

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